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To be able to proceed with an order or reserve a car, we always ask for certain information, as well as record and store the contact information of our Customers received from their requests. We may request personal data when contacting our Customers by phone, by e-mail, via chat on our website, via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.

To process a request we need:

  • Personal name and surname,
  • age,
  • driving experience,
  • contact information (phone number, e-mail).

Then to reserve a car we request:

  • photo/copy of passport,
  • photo/copy of driving license,
  • photo/copy of the document stating the registration address (home residence address),
  • also, we can request the address of the hotel to deliver the car; or the flight number, if the Customer plans to receive the car at the airport after arrival; or the train number, if the Customer plans to receive the car at the railway station after arrival.

If additional drivers are specified in the rental agreement, we also collect and store some of their personal data:

  • photo/copy of passport,
  • photo/copy of driving license.

We usually do not charge prepayments, so we do not ask for payment information during a standard booking, we can only ask to specify the payment method.

However, in cases where we charge a prepayment (or agree to help the Customer to pay traffic fines), we can request the number and expiration date of the credit/debit card. After making a payment, we do not store this information.

Some data may be displayed to us automatically when a Customer uses our site. The platform records the IP address, location, addresses of visited pages on the website, search words, the domain from which the Customer went to our site, the browser type and version. This information is recorded not for the purpose of collecting data, but to control Internet traffic on the website.

We store, process and use personal data for the following purposes:

  • We save all available data in our customer database, which simplifies the registration of the lease agreement (the data is filled in automatically) and significantly speeds up the process of receiving a car. We can also contact the Customer if, for some reason, the booking is not complete.
  • We can use the Customers’ personal data to check whether they are blacklisted by other rental companies, as well as to check whether the Customer has any debts through some official sources.
  • Support service. Processing any incoming Customer’s requests and solving problems, road assistance, answering to questions. We store correspondence with our Customers (except for those containing payment information) to record all our agreements.
  • Feedback request at the end of the lease.
  • Creating a customer database to store information about bookings and Customers’ statuses and to simplify working with Customer during following requests.

We may only provide personal data to a third party in the following cases:

  • To resolve legal issues. We are obliged to use the Customer’s data for the transmission upon the request of EU countries authorized government bodies.
  • To transfer to our partners. If a Customer has previously used the services of our colleagues in other cities, or is going to use their services, we can request Customer’s data or share Customer’s data with them to make it easier for them to make a reservation.

We store and use all available Customer’s information on electronic media.

We collect, store and use all personal data only with the Customer's consent. The Customer's personal data is confidential information and we guarantee that we take all possible measures to protect personal data from leakage, loss, theft and any misuse in accordance with current EU legislation.

The customer has the right to know how we process their personal data and refuse to provide us with their personal data. But please note that the providing with most of our services is not possible without the processing of personal data.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via any of the sources listed on our website.

We reserve the right to make changes to these rules. Any changes will take effect after they are published on our website.