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To protect you from unwanted financial losses in case of an accident, we recommend renting a car with a good complex insurance. All our cars are insured by the leading European insurance companies. The following types of insurance are already included in the rental cost of our cars:

  • Liability car insurance. Saves the lessee from the necessity of compensating for the damages to the victim of an accident, and third parties and their property within the insurance amount of 2,000,000 Eur.
  • Super Collision Damage Waiver with a deductible (300 Eur). Saves the lessee from the necessity of compensating for the damages of the car to the lessor as a result of an accident. This includes: accidents by their own fault, due to natural disasters, and by fault of unknown third parties. The payment amount is limited to a deductible of 300 Eur for passenger cars and 500 Eur for minibuses.
  • Comprehensive car insurance with a deductible (300 Eur). In cases of theft or damage to the vehicle due to theft or vandalism this insurance will limit the financial liability of the lessee to the amount of 300 Eur for passenger cars and 500 Eur for minibuses.
  • Windshield insurance with a zero deductible.

Additional insurance option:

  • Super Collision Damage Waiver WITHOUT a deductible. For an additional fee of 8-15 Eur/day, the lessee is completely free of liability for damaging the car. The insurance deductible in this case is equal to zero.

What is a deductible?

The deductible is the amount that the driver will have to pay for repairing damage in case of an accident. This amount can vary greatly depending on the contract agreement and reach up to several thousand euros. It means that the lower the deductible, the more expensive the insurance. In simple terms, if the deductible is equal to 300 Eur, and the damage exceeds this amount, the lessee will pay only 300 Eur, and the rest of the damage will be paid by the insurance company. In many rental companies, the Deposit consists of several deductibles, but we have a Deposit for a car equal to one deductible. Insurance with a zero deductible (available for a small additional fee) allows you to completely exclude the financial liability of the lessee in case of an insured incident and it is a guarantee of the return of the Deposit in case of damage to the car. This option can be selected for any of our vehicles at the third step of the reservation (along with the selection of additional equipment and services).

Cases in which the insurance company may refuse to pay damages:

  • Absence of an accident protocol or police registration of an accident (IMPORTANT! In case of serious damage to the vehicle, causing harm to the health of participants in an accident, you must call the police to register the incident);
  • The driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol intoxication, or under the influence of medicines that slow down the reaction;
  • Absence of relevant documents, technical passport, car keys, driving license (especially in case of theft);
  • Usage of a car when committing a crime;
  • Intentional damage infliction to a vehicle.

Insurance does not include:

  • The interior of the car. With proper exploitation of the car, the possibility of damaging the interior is extremely small. A third party can’t damage the interior at all, so such insurance usually does not justify its high cost.
  • The quality of European roads is very high, which reduces to a minimum the possibility of tire damage during sensible exploitation of the car, so there is no need in such additional insurance.

Sometimes, some Clients want to insure absolutely everything for all possible cases, even the tire and interior. We respect the choice of each Client, so we also provide additional interior and tire insurance services, but for an additional fee, because these services are not in demand.

Result: Insurances included in the car rental cost in our company minimize the financial risks of the lessee up to 300 Eur. In case of an accident caused by the lessee, the maximum liability is limited to 300 Eur (500 Eur for a minibus). In case the lessee is not responsible for the accident, the Deposit is returned in full after presentation of the accident protocol, where the guilty party is indicated.

Vienna Car Rental wish you interesting and accident-free journeys!

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